Are you ready to "bloom" into the person you are meant to be?

Endorsed Mind Body Coach –

Coaching Offerings

When coaching with me, you will be in a safe environment in which to express and work through the issues that are creating difficulty in your life.

Wondering what I coach around?

Women, men and teens going through a transition or difficulty in life including:

  • Going to college/what direction to go in
  • Weight loss/ body image
  • Job loss/issues
  • Support for problems with adult children
  • Support for problems with parents
  • Support for those with eating disorders
  • Support for those supporting loved ones with eating disorders
  • Setting goals
  • Divorce
  • Death of a spouse/ what to do next?
  • Attracting what you really want into your life
  • Relationships

I also offer:

  • Mind/Body work  (for stress and physical pain caused from stress)
  • Living Space coaching
  • Reiki

Coaching Packages

1:1 Coaching

~ 30 min. Free Introductory Session
Here you learn a bit about what to expect from coaching and find if we work well together.

~ 50 min. Session

This is the usual length of sessions. With a single one-on-one session, we can address an emergent problem, which has you shaken and unable to make decisions or to think clearly. I will help you to gain clarity on the situation and coach you on your limiting beliefs and thoughts causing you pain in this situation.

One – 50 minute session $70.00

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~ Five – 50 Minute Sessions

This package is available for when you know you want to do work around an on-going problem. This package will give you time to learn more about the way you tend to deal with problems that may not be working for you. I will work with you on your limiting beliefs and will teach you tools and strategies to use going forward that work, so that you can manage life situations with calm, knowledge and leadership instead of reacting to events in the old way.

Five – 50 minute sessions $ 299

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~Walk and Talk Sessions

Because some clients would benefit from being coached while walking or hiking, I am offering this alternative. This is for clients in the Rutland, Vermont area. Weather permitting, this would be for clients who think best while on the move, have weight loss as a goal, or who connect well in nature.

One – 50 minute walk & talk session – $70

Five – 50 minute walk & talk session package – $299

~ Life Launch ProgramWhole day session with BonnieYou will receive a full day of coaching, where you will:

  1. Enjoy a day just for you, where you will explore your life as you are currently experiencing it in your mind, body and spirit.
  2. Discover what your limiting beliefs are which stand between you  and the life you yearn for.
  3. Learn tools you can use daily to bring about lasting change.
  4. Create goals and get clear on what you truly want.
  5. Learn “Thought Work” to change the way you think about the problems you encounter, once and for all. This helps you drop your story and move forward in life freely.
  6. Experience energy work if you wish. I am certified in Reiki, Level 2 and can include it in your day. Reiki helps healing on all levels and it works to unblock your energy flow.
  7. Learn how to ground and center to allow peace and calm, which heals body, mind and spirit.
  8. Begin to trust yourself by knowing how to follow your own path as you begin to listen to your inner wisdom.
  9. You will receive a folder of information including your tools to take home to help you whenever you need a refresher.
  10. My home office is nestled in the hills of Vermont in a historic, quaint inn (non-working inn : ) ). We are surrounded by nature, which brings great peace in my own life.
  11. You will receive approximately 12 hours of coaching with eight of the hours in complete immersion in the process.

To learn more about the the Life Launch Program, click here.


~Small group coaching and speaking events

I am available to coach small groups, as few as two people, in specific areas of interest. I also speak to professional offices and  organizations in the subjects of stress, and how it affects the body and the brain. Also I talk about how we can begin to understand emotions and how they are here to protect us and give us messages that we need to hear.

Why coach with me?

I am here for you. My job is to guide you to discover your best life. I understand the stress and suffering you experience. And I know there is a better way to live and will help you to get to a place of peace within yourself. You can make the changes that need to be made and I cannot wait to see you get there! Are you ready to start?


*Please note: If travel is involved to meet with a client, an additional fee may be added to cover those expenses.