An Old Grocery List…..And Mind/Body Coach Training


Hi! I have been on a writing hiatus, though I am not sure why, but I am back. : )

I taught three workshops, resulting in eight individual classes over the spring, at RRMC (Rutland Regional Medical Center). I met some extraordinary people attending the classes. Participants came to find ways to help themselves live with less discomfort. They shared from their hearts in order to gain new insights on themselves and their lives.

When we have been pushed to the edge in our lives, we are willing, finally, to do what is required to be free of feeling miserable. When we surrender and ask for help – God, Universe, or what ever you believe in – what we receive is always an answer that comes from our own, true selves. It feels right.

Today I was digging in a drawer to find something I have misplaced that I needed to make dinner. What I found was an old grocery receipt from 2011. For some reason I had saved it, and that reason is not at all obvious, but reading the list reminded me of what my life was like in January of 2011. This was seven months before I began life coach training.

I remember very well what I was feeling at that time. I was stressed and miserable, and honestly didn’t know how to get out of a stressed state. I can picture myself walking around my kitchen often forgetting what I was doing because I was in a constant state of fight or flight. I was overwhelmed by what one of my daughters was going through in her life – her deep unhappiness.

I was a good mother, doing what a good mother does and what had been taught to me by my good mother. If I worried enough I could somehow prevent things from happening. Or, once something happened I could control things and make it better. If I just said or did the right thing everyone would be all right. In fact, it wouldn’t get better without me taking some kind of action. Boy, did I have a lot to learn.

I have always been a “seeker” – someone who is open and looking for some spiritual understanding and wanting to feel connected to the spiritual part of myself. I have been Catholic all my life, but religion and spirituality don’t necessarily mean the same thing to me. I was looking for help and a way to feel peaceful again.

And I am there. Peaceful again. Connected to my inner spirit. Interested and excited about life and what I am learning each day. How did I get here? I began following what felt true to me and kept in mind how I wanted to feel. I looked for what I needed. I searched. I experimented, discarding what didn’t feel right and moving toward what did.

When we become still, curious and open to other possibilities, answers come. I never imagined that I would be coaching people toward living their better lives, nor that I could find such deep peace.

Currently I am taking a Mind/Body coach training for the next several months to help clients overcome discomfort in their body, such as TMS (or Mind/Body Syndrome) and chronic pain and also to help those in emotional discomfort, such as stress and anxiety. (My own back pain has improved immensely since I began the program, to my surprise.)

I have been attracted to taking this course since I first began coach training in 2011. I am finally ready and I love what I am learning. This information can help so many people and reinforces for me daily what I need for my own wellbeing.

If you want to know a bit more about what I am doing, you can check out Abigail Steidly, the founder of Mind Body Coach University at

She has created an outstanding program. I believe no one else has so comprehensively pulled together all of the areas that contribute to Mind/Body healing. The course is based on cutting edge information from the field of neuroscience, human physiology and others. She is a leader in Mind/Body healing.

Soon, I will be doing practice-coaching sessions with these new tools and will be welcoming some clients to work with me. If you might be interested in getting some Mind/Body coaching, let me know. Sessions will be at a very special practice rate (less than half my usual) and will be for a limited time and with limited availability.

So, think for a moment about what you were doing in January of 2011. Are you in a better, worse or the same place? If you are not satisfied with how life is going, you can make big changes too. Start with what feels true. That’s always the right direction.

Love always,