Support = Release

YogaImageSupport = Release is a reference to something I have been doing a lot lately. I have periodically experienced lower back pain….along with neck, shoulders, hips, elbows, migraines……you get the idea. Anyway, the focus right now is my back. I love to travel but my lower back does not. In reaction to several hours in the car I can have weeks of discomfort. Last year I went way over the “allowable” number of chiropractic visits (according to my insurance company) in an effort to stay on top of this issue. I decided to try a new approach this year. The approach is called Svaroopa Yoga. The philosophy of this form of yoga is to allow the whole spine to lengthen to its normal length by stretching it in a fully supported way. By providing support while doing the practice, the muscles are able to release all around the spine and thereby can release pain.

As I was doing this practice today I was thinking about how this is also true in other areas in our lives. The goal of coaching is to “hold a space” for clients to release what they need to and become unstuck in the places in their lives that give them the greatest discomfort. We support the client to facilitate this release. I also know that when I feel supported in my life in general, I am able to release all kinds of things, especially emotions. We are all healthier when we get the support we need in life. Right now I have lots of travel plans for the year ahead, so I will continue to practice yoga and will remember that support=release.

In my coaching practice I support you to find what is keeping you from living the life you really want to live. You will discover your truth and be better able to live your life with intention, as you choose your path ahead.

I love the process! I believe you will too.