Bonnie really listens, she is a very compassionate person who I am very fortunate to have found! She provides you with invaluable tools that are very easy and simple but PRICELESS! Just after our first session she helped me turn a corner that traditional therapy had not been able to do. I will be forever grateful to have such a wonderful, compassionate, supportive, non-judgmental life coach.


In the time I spent working with Bonnie, I found her to be a smart and sensitive coach whose intuitive strength is astounding. She helped me through some of the worst times in my life this past year, and it was always with a feeling that she was shining a warm and encompassing light and holding a very sacred space for me to process what I was going through. I would recommend her highly to anyone seeking a truly compassionate and life-savvy coach.

~ Darla

Working with Bonnie has been fantastic! She is calm, focused, and full of wonderful ideas. She has offered up some rich resources so that I can work with myself as well. She helps you to break down issues into “chewable bites” and track your progress while gently keeping you on track. I would recommend her coaching to anyone and everyone.

~ Michelle (San Francisco)

Initially skeptical of the whole process, Bonnie immediately put me at ease and I trusted her to help me on the journey that we were about to embark upon. The fact that I live in Europe and she in the US was not an issue as we managed to have our weekly appointments thanks to Bonnie’s organization and efficiency.

Bonnie is naturally empathetic and just a joy to talk with. I find her exceptionally smart, intuitive, patient and she has shown me to think and just be in new ways and to trust my authentic self, something that I had disregarded for most of my adult life. I am not where I want to be yet but am enjoying the journey of self discovery with Bonnie as she is providing me with all the tools to live a better, more balanced, more productive and happy life and has helped me to regain the confidence and insight that I lost. She has enabled me to think and feel in new ways, out of the box, and has helped me to understand that I am indeed able to make improvements and changes in my life no matter how many curve balls life throws (even when they all come at the same time!).

~ Marina (Italy)