Truth Serum? – Take It!

questioninglookThroughout my life there have been many times that I have been lost in sadness, disappointment, or anger. This is part of the human experience I know. I have to say that I am much more at peace now that I know that I know the greatest tool from my coach training for me. It is also the simplest. It is being willing to find the truth.

The truth is the remedy to all emotional suffering, honestly. We use this tool when we are suffering by asking ourselves some questions. Emotions can be confusing, but when we begin to ask questions, it is like a truth serum, getting us to the honest place where we can find what is really bothering us. From there we can find some solutions.

When we have an issue with someone else, we can begin to ask ourselves why we are so angry, or sad about them. What ultimately shows up is that our feelings are less about them and more about ourselves.

We can assume that we don’t need to do this “why” questioning, and just stick with the negative feelings, or we can choose to take the truth serum and release pain and discomfort that lingers within us. This is an act of self-compassion and self-love and it puts us in the right direction, on our path to living the life we want to live; the life we’re meant to live.

The truth takes us out of the fog of not knowing. It takes us out of the numbness of emotional pain, addictions and habits.

We can give this to ourselves.

When I was training to be a coach with Martha Beck, I was taught that it takes about five why questions to get us to the deeper layers of truth.

Our minds like to play tricks on us to keep us “safe” from discovering the truth. These natural protection mechanisms are why we stay in the dark for so long with our thoughts. So working with a coach can be helpful. And be sure that the words, “the truth will set you free” really is, well, the truth.

Take the truth serum. Lighten your emotional load. Improve your well-being and live more fully.