What Are You Yearning For?

What is yearning? It is the call of our soul to lead us to our right path. Whenever we are following this yearning it leads to feeling good. When we feel good, more good happens. When we are on the right path we likely will find that we treat ourselves well and others too, because we feel a sense of completeness.

Allowing ourselves to be guided by what we yearn for gives us the best opportunity to live our fullest life. It may mean pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone, which can cause fear to come up, but when we do move courageously forward we reap great gifts. We are entering new experiences, which give us fulfillment and joy.

What are you yearning for?

The answer may be something you have always held in yourself, touching it timidly and leaving it unfulfilled, or you may not know what it is you yearn for… at least consciously. It is deeply worth discovering and then acting on what we yearn for.


What do I yearn for? Several things. I yearn for peace- that sense of calm within myself. I receive this through meditation and helping others find their place of peace by teaching them the tools to get there. I also yearn for time at the ocean, being in nature in general, and deep connections with others. Changing my life by coaching and learning the tools for myself has fulfilled a great part of what I yearn for. Thank you for being part of it!