Wilderness Trip in Wyoming

Inspiration to Creation Equus Workshop

March 2012 with Koelle Simpson, Diane Hunter and Abigail Steidley

Connecting with horses enables humans to become more in touch with their own emotions.

Photo by Scott Steidley of Anamsong Media

Coaching has inspired me to do many new things. I have always loved animals and took part in an equus workshop this year. The idea is that animals, especially horses, mirror our own emotions, so that we can see what we are putting out into the world emotionally and energetically.

In the equus workshop I found that instead of pushing, which is my normal way of approaching a problem, I could let things happen in their own time.  By relaxing into a problem and becoming playful, I could get the result I hoped for and the horse would follow my lead. They are big powerful animals with dog-like hearts. As it turns out, what works for dealing with horses works for all things.


Wyoming Wilderness Camping Trip

I took a family trip to Wyoming to do a week -long camping trip into wilderness between Cody and Yellowstone National Park in July 2012. We camped on the ground and traveled on horseback with a mule train to carry gear. Between the horses and mules there were thirty-four equines and a camp dog. It was a beautiful trip and being in nature gives me the deepest peace. We saw fresh grizzly bear prints while on the trail, so it was very wild. We also saw elk, antelope, and eagles. We then went onto Yellowstone for a couple of days and spent enough time to see Old Faithful erupt a few times and saw several other animals, including bison and a grizzly crossing the road in front of us. I am really a national park junkie from way back!  I hope to see all of the parks in the U.S. some day. I find that when we immerse ourselves in nature, we have access to every answer we could ever need.  In nature I can find my center, from which all the best decisions come.

Find your center in nature.

Leah, Bonnie, and Earl Olson at the hot springs in Yellowstone National Park.