A Lesson in Christmas Kisses


Last night my husband put some final touches on his decorating, by placing an entire bag of Hershey’s Kisses on two small plates in front of Santa and some crafted birch trees on our living room sofa table.

When I went to bed after he and Georgie, our pug, I saw the plates piled high with the chocolates and thought it was just adorable.

I got up this morning and got breakfast going when my husband came down stairs and said to me, “Did you eat all the kisses before you came up to bed?” I said that I certainly had not! I don’t eat chocolate before trying to go to sleep.

I went to look at the plates and mostly all of the candies were gone! He still looked at me suspiciously, but as I looked shocked, he understood that it wasn’t me. My mind began to go through the possibilities of what could have happened, but there was only one logical cause. A mouse.

I began to picture the industrious mouse working all night long carrying two pointy-ended kisses, one in each cheek to wherever his stash is kept. I then asked myself, “What is the lesson in this?”

First lesson: Don’t leave chocolate kisses out of the candy jars for mice to take.

Second lesson: The feat of this little mouse was gigantic, by his size. He carried away almost a pound of chocolate, one mouthful, or bite at a time. The lesson for us is that during Christmas, or any time of year, when we have a lot ahead of us to get done, we can do it only one bite at a time. In fact it is the only way we can do anything.

When we feel overwhelmed by looking at the whole pile of candy we have to move, we can stop and mentally simplify things for ourselves, by just taking it one bite at a time.

This is a very good lesson from our little mouse friend, and if you come to our home over the holidays, the candy will be in the candy jar!

Wishing you and yours a season filled with Peace, Joy and Love,